Our Mission from the very start in 1998 was to not only bill and obtain reimbursement for non-MD first assistants (i.e. RNFA's, CRNFA's, NP's, PA's, CFA's, SA-C's etc.), but to continue to improve the methods used.

We have developed this website to share our accumulated knowledge and experience with our clients as well as all who seek to find the almost nonexistent answers to reimbursement questions and issues. We also welcome questions regarding reimbursement via email and the telephone.
True to our mission we have:
  • Developed our own proprietary software program 'ClaimManager' designed to bill, track, and follow-up non-MD claims more efficiently.
  • Developed this website to better serve our clients with online:
Keeping focused and committed to this mission of being the best at what we do and helping others attain their goals has been the driving force behind our becoming the nations largest exclusively non-MD billing company in the country. We now bill in over 30 states and growing.
What to look for when choosing a billing company:
  • Do they bill exclusively for non-MD first assistants?
  • Ask for testimonials and referrals
  • How long have they been billing for non-MD first assistants?
  • Are they billing in your State?
  • Start-up costs and fees are important in making decisions, but how successful they are on your claims is far more important in the long run.
    • Can you really get the best for nothing?
    • The adage that you usually get what you pay for generally holds true.
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